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REDA Saddlebag Dock

Boilingbrook, IL

Where do you store your bags when you take them off your bike ??? Your lawn ? or maybe them silly furniture blankets ? Well FINALLY you have a SAFE, SECURE TROUBLE FREE, SCRATCH FREE place to place them while cleaning or performaning maintanance.  

This foam docking station is made of the VERY highest quality foam meant to crate and transport high end painted parts for all the high end sport car companies.  It will not scratch your paint and does not absorb liquids.  It is a "closed cell" foam. 

Can you do this on your furniture blanket ? Saddlebags are top heavy and smaller on the bottom then they are on top so they want to fall over.  The slightest touch sends them over and you risk scratching them on your expensive paint job. Eliminate the risk with the REDA Saddlebag Dock.


If you are a mechanic working on someone else's bike this is a MUST to have around the shop. You must protect those bags at all cost... All the major companies doing installs are already using them.

$69.99 ea

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