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STUNNING iPhone 5 & 5s cases


These cases were designed with YOU in mind... The true biker... The greatest care was taken to design and make these beautiful 3 dimensional cases that will protect your phone and shock anyone around you with it's design and craftsmanship.

ONE piece


That's right these cases are CNC machined from a one piece billet Aluminum blank.  No stickers or glued on madallions here.



That's what we are all about... The CNC engraving on these cases is really ridiculous !!! They are 2 or 3 layers high off the base of the case giving it great depth and great grip and feel...



Hard anodized coatings are typically applied to heavy wear industrial parts intended for use in the military and aggressive or highly corrosive applications. These coatings are typically far thicker and harder than decorative ones, and usually lend the parts a durability approaching that of hard faced or case hardened steel. These cases are made from aerospace aluminum 6061 T6 and finished with a rugged HA III military grade hard-anodized finish

$79.99 ea

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