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REDA ipad Gripper



 In how a person interacts with their ipad. “GRIP” your ipad with only a few fingers and enjoy a new level of comfort and control



No other product in the world allows you ONE HANDED control and comfort of handling your ipad mini.  



All the cases on the market today are focused on “protecting” the ipad and not “using” it with your hands.  The ipad was purposely designed and engineered to be used exclusively with your hands, and in particular the use of your thumbs for typing or playing games.  The REDA ipad Gripper significantly enhances your experience and comfort with using the ipad.  By freeing your thumbs from “gripping” and “holding” the ipad to using them for typing and gaming and completely forgetting about dropping the ipad your focus and comfort goes WAAAAY UP! ! 



Once you use the REDA ipad Gripper you will NEVER be without it again



Taking pictures with a ipad is not easy because it is big and hard to stabilize because of its thin design.  Now with the REDA ipad Gripper you can handle it like a pro taking beatiful pictures with ease.  


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