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REDA Siphon Pump

IF you don't have a REDA Gas Can then this is the next best thing !



If you are traveling long distances and are with other riders then a siphon pump can bring you some piece of mind if the person with the 3 gallon tank runs out and ruins everyone's day... 


This is the ONLY pump on the market that has a 10 foot hose... Why does that matter ? Well if you have ever tried to siphon gas you have to get close enough to the bike or car that you are getting the gas from... to get the hose down a car or truck you need at least 4 feet... lots of the siphone hoses are only 6 feet not near long enough to get the hose in the tank and then long enough to make it back to your tank... even if you are siphoning from another bike 6 feet is way to close for comfort! ! ! to try and get the siphoning performed.  


This 10 foot hose is perfect !!!




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