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Dynaplug Mini Pro Inflator

Chino, CA

FINALLY a portable inflator designed from the ground up and worthy of your valuable space in your bags !!!

The Mini Pro is different from other inflators advertised for general tire inflation. A lot of thought has been put into its design to bring you an ideal solution that's convenient to stow and easy-to-use. Whether you've got minimal space on a motorcycle, or no spare in the trunk, grab the Mini Pro for the road and you'll have a tool that inflates your tires quickly and efficiently without the usual down time and over heating typical of many inflators. The Mini Pro has a unique, fan-cooled motor assembly that is permanently lubricated and maintenance free. It's also an "industry first" with an integrated Polarity Protection circuit that protects the inflator from damage if there's a reversed polarity hook up to a battery. The red LED on front of the case illuminates as a warning when a reversed polarity hook-up is detected so you can correct polarity and proceed with inflation. The easy-to-read, precision linear pressure gauge eliminates the need to purchase or carry a separate tire pressure gauge since the Mini Inflator provides professional PSI read-out's. Blue LED backlighting insures the gauge is easy-to-read during low light or nighttime use. The illumination is automatic when the Inflator power cord is plugged in. The Mini Pro has a CE and is the only RoHS compliant 12volt inflator on the market. One Year Limited Warranty

Dynaplug Mini Pro Inflator  $74.50

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