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Dynaplug Mini Pro Inflator Instructions

All Dynaplug Mini Pro Inflator's come with full Instructions

* Important: Inflator can run continuously for 30 minutes, but then must cool for 20 minutes before re-use.



1. Remove cap from valve stem and attach zero-loss connector.

2. Screw on (clockwise) zero-loss connector firmly, “finger tight” so no air is leaking.

3. Plug power cord into cigarette lighter receptacle or SAE connector (or optional accessories).

4. LED work light and backlit pressure gauge automatically illuminate.

5. Press compressor power switch to ON position to start compressor.

6. When pressure gauge reaches desired pressure, press switch OFF.

7. Disconnect power plug; rapidly unscrew connector (counter clockwise) from valve stem to

virtually eliminate air loss.


NOTE: Inflator can run on a vehicle battery source while vehicle is running or not running;

however, inflation will be slightly faster if vehicle is running.

Dynaplug Mini Pro Inflator  $74.50

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