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REDA Cycle Stick Instructions

Harley Davidson

Hard Bags

The REDA Cycle Stick mounts to existing screws that hold the teather strap for the hard bags.  Remove screws ONE AT A TIME and re-attach with clips as shown.

Harley Davidson

Tour Pack

The REDA Cycle Stick mounts to existing screws that hold the luggage rack.  Remove the existing screws ONE AT A TIME and re-attach with the clips as shown.  Make sure to use the LARGE washers as shown

Harley Davidson

Road King & Other bags

The REDA Cycle Stick comes with 2 small screws to mount in the H-D Road King and other models.  These screws allow you to mount the clips anywhere you feel will optimize the light from the stick.  On the Road King we mounted it on the back side of the bag at the top and approximatelly in the center.  Mount the clips in between the LED as to not obstruct them.  

Supplied magnetic disk

Magnet on end of REDA Cycle Stick

The REDA Cycle Stick serves as an EMERGENCY FLARE.  Attach the magnetic end of the cycle stick to the magnetic base and place behind your bike about 15 feet.  

Your roadside visability just increased 1 MILE ! ! !

Battery Replacement


Unscrew end cap (opposite of button) and slide battery cartridge out. Replace 3 triple A batteries

End Cap

Slide Battery Cartridge out

On/Off Button

When putting the battery cartridge back inside the aluminum tube make sure you line up the keyway (see below) and the LED modules in the tubes 4 opening or the lightstick will not properly go back together.  Tighten the end cap as tight as you can by hand.  TIP - We use a rubber pad like you would use to open jars to tighten it back on.


$19.99 ea

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