REDA Gas Can Instructions

Filling Instructions

Because of the spout being stored inside the gas can it is recommended to fill it to within 1 inch of the top allowing for the return of the spout without overflowing.


TIP: It is very important not to spill gas on the outside of the can or overfill it.  If you do it is very difficult to get that gas smell off the can.



1 inch from top

Spout and Pouring Instructions

1)  Place can on stable surface and press locking button down this will release and allow you to unscrew black screw cap.  After removing cap pull black dust cap off spout and set aside to put back on after use.

Black Screw Cap

Black Dust Cap

Locking Button

2)  Remove spout from can and assemble black screw cap back onto it.  Check rubber gasket around flange to make sure it is on both sides of the flange top and bottom.


Rubber Gasket over flange

3)  Re-attach the spout to the can.  Tighten down securely, you cannot strip the threads.


Releasing Gas

4) Your can is now re-assembled in the position to pour gas.  "Before" positioning the can over the bike turn it upside down and make sure there are no leaks, if there is a leak try re-assembling the cap and spout and make sure the gasket is in place.


5)  Position the tip of the spout in the gas tank as shown, make sure the "cleat" of the spout is in position on the edge of the tank as shown by the arrow.

6)  Your can is now in position to pour gas.  Now "PRESS" the black button down till it makes a "click" and stays in the down position.  The gas is now ready to be poured, however the gas will still not pour out yet, it is still safely contained.

"PRESS" here

7)  Your can is now ready to release gas, "PUSH" the gas can "DOWN" and the black part of the spout will slide up into the yellow part of the spout and open the valve and release the gas.

When you are done pouring the gas slowly pull up the can so the black part goes back to its original position and shuts off the valve.

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