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REDA Saddlebag POSI-LOCK Instructions



Remove bags from bike

Remove old Dzus fasterner clip, use a straight screwdriver and pry clip off



Attach new U-Nuts, place in same exact location as the old fastener.  Make sure nut is on the INSIDE of the frame



Put saddlebags back in place, line up rubber grommet with the U-Nuts, make sure the posi-lock tab is in the UP position for threading in. Now push the posi-lock through the rubber grommet, this is a tight fit, push and turn at the same time untill you locate the center of the U-Nut.  Once the head of the posi-lock thumbscrew is centered start turning and tightening, depending on the fit you might have to jiggle the bag a bit and tighten down.  After the first time it gets easier 



Once the posi-lock is tightened down make sure you flip the tab to the DOWN position, the balls are now locked out and your bags are safe and 100% impossible to come off.


It is obvious but you must make sure the 2 balls are past the threads of the U-Nut... HOW ?  After you tighten down the POSI-LOCK and flip the tab down it should be flush and flat with the rest of the top like figure 1.  If it looks like figure 2 then the balls are under the threads and holding up the tab and it will look like figure 2 on top.  This should never be an issue if the POSI-LOCK is tightened down, we designed it with extra threads to easily pass through.

Figure 1

Figure 2



Fits ALL Harley makes from 1993-2017

$124.95 set of 4

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