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REDA Gas Can

Vapor-Proof & Spill Proof

The REDA Gas Can is made of a special plastic material AND a special layering process that makes it 100% vapor-proof.  Special viton rubber gaskets also contain the vapors and keep it from spilling onto your bike



With over 150,000 units in use worldwide the REDA Gas Can is a proven life saver... The REDA Gas can has saved thousands of stranded bikers around the World


The REDA Gas can fits in many makes of motorcycles (see bags & bikes) however it was designed to fit “PERFECTLY” in a H_D hard bag leaving 90% of your bag open for use.

Available Worldwide

The REDA Gas Can is available in over 500 Harley Davidson dealers worldwide.

Our third generation REDA Gas Can was released May 20, 2015.  After 5 years we have taken everything we have learned and ALL the feedback from our awesome customers and challenged our engineers to take this next can to the highest level of quality, material selection and manufacturing.  We have done all of that and are VERY proud of what we have accomplished. Don't worry the shape and fit are exactly the same and will fit perfectly in your bags.  Our capacity is now grown to 48,000 units per month so we will NEVER be backordered AGAIN ! ! !  


AND guess what ? Its STILL made right here in the

United States of America



REDA Gas Can has an unconditional 1-year warranty for parts and labor


First lets start with the most important part of the can... the spout.  EVERYONE HATES these "spill proof" nozzles right ?... Well we believe we now have the VERY best spout on the planet ! ! ! It is so simple you press a lever that snaps and push the can down into the tank and it pours.  It is incredibly engineered with ONLY 2 PARTS ! ! That is an incredible feat (see below) the other spouts have many moving parts within them and create lots of problems...

The material of the plastic making up the spout has also been changed; the old spout was made of HDPE (High Density Polyethelene) The new spout is Nylon, which is much better for this application.


The rubber gasket and O-ring has also been changed from Neoprene Rubber which had a tendency to swell over time to the new spout which has DuPont Viton Rubber which is a Fluoroelastomer impervious to the gasolene and maintains its integrity over very long periods of time.  This is the choice for high performance seal failure applications.

$29.99 ea

REDA Gas Can accessories

Secondary containment bag


$1.65 ea