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Hustisford, WI

The VERY BEST way to attach your expensive saddlebags to your bike... PERIOD ! These locking thumbscrews are a true breakthrough ! Thousands of hours of painstaking engineering, prototyping and testing went into the perfection of these POSI-LOCKS. We would not accept anything less than perfection.  We were determined to make them easy to install and easy to use... We have achieved all of that and much more.  


This is what everyone has been waiting for ! ! !

Peace of mind




Tab UP


With the tab UP the 2 balls reside in the groove of the internal shaft allowing them to be within the threaded shaft so the POSI-LOCK thumbscrew can be threaded through the bags and the u-nut on the frame of the bike



With the tab DOWN the 2 balls are locked out and sit on top of the internal rod, it is now impossible for the balls to be compressed down.  The POSI-LOCK thumbscrew cannot be un-threaded back out as the balls are above the threads and will stop it from un-threading.  

This means your bags cannot accidently vibrate loose and fall off your bike... IMPOSSIBLE !!!



As you can see the 2 balls are past the threads of the u-nut. Should it vibrate or loosen and want to back out of the u-nut it will be stopped as the balls will not allow the un-threading of the POSI-LOCK


REDA Posi Lock 2_edited.jpg

The REDA Saddlebag POSI-LOCK is the premium way to attach your bags to your bike.  This is BY FAR the best device on the market...You have to ask yourself ? How secure are my bags to my bike ? What would it cost to replace or repair my bags ? Over the last couple of years millions of bikers have found out the hard way that it cost anywhere between $1,500.00 and as high as $2,200.00... a very painful experience.  With the POSI-LOCKS you will NEVER worry about this again it is 100% impossible for them to ever come off


Piece of mind is priceless ! ! !

$124.95 set of 4

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